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Mileage Management

iFleet monitors the odometer readings of all the vehicles under its care, using CANbus Connected data wherever possible, but where this is not the case, iFleet systematically sends mileage reading requests to the driver or Fleet Manager.  

iFleet imports and records accurate mileages into its iFMS system whenever possible, ensures ongoing accuracy, and by noting the source of the data and maintaining a monthly record of ‘current mileages’, a full picture is preserved.

Mileage Management is essential and iFleet utilises this information to deliver multiple benefits:

  • Enables accurate Scheduled Event Management, where mileage is a determining factor.  This helps iFleet ensure that vehicles are serviced in a timely manner, minimising operational disruption and protecting the validity of manufacturer warranties.  
  • Complete and timely Service Histories reduce the risk of potential penalties should the vehicle be on lease, improve resale values whilst safeguarding ones Duty of Care responsibilities.
  • iFleet’s systems can alert both lessee & lessor to potential Excess Mileages, allowing for timely contract adjustments to manage cash flow and to minimise risk.

Find out more about Mileage Management

If you would like more information about our Mileage Management services, please complete the enquiry form and one of our account managers will call you back or call to speak to an account manager.