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Account Management

At iFleet, we strongly believe that professional Account Management includes the following disciplines:

Customer Relations

  • Knowing our customers’ operational requirements & challenges
  • Knowing the people is as important as knowing the company

Sharing Knowledge

  • Listen to and comprehend the changing needs of the customer and their industry
  • Impart knowledge, we have a responsibility to make recommendations to improve performance and reduce disruption/risk/administration


  • Provide concise and accurate information
  • Ensure necessary actions from both parties are clearly understood and completed

Perpetual Improvement

  • Holding ourselves to the highest standards
  • Researching and understanding new trends and technology
  • Driving change where opportunities exist


  • Accountability exists on both sides of the customer/supplier relationship
  • Only suggest changes and/or development that are right for the customer

Find out more about Account Management

If you would like more information about our Account Management services, please complete the enquiry form and one of our account managers will call you back or call to speak to an account manager.