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Why iFleet

iFleet offers informative, innovative, intelligent fleet solutions for all your business vehicle needs. Those of you who know us will be aware that the senior management of iFleet Ltd specialises particularly in the commercial vehicle sector, from the smallest Car Derived Van to the largest and most complicated trucks on the road.


Our ‘concierge’ mentality of keeping the customer informed of the status of vehicles due servicing or requiring repairs sets iFleet apart. This has been further enhanced through iFleet Connect+ (our Customer Portal) which allows Fleet Managers etc. to view their fleet and our activities.


At iFleet we are continually developing our in-house systems to ensure our team has all the relevant information and tools to provide the best support possible using multiple data streams, including customer specific requirements.


By combining CANbus data (ODO & Fault Codes etc.) along with our comprehensive Fleet Management Systems, iFleet can proactively manage vans and cars to the same standards required for HGVs, safeguarding Duty of Care responsibilities.

Vehicle Lifecycle

iFleet Ltd offers to monitor, manage and/or control virtually every part of a vehicle’s life cycle as described below:

Set Up Assets within iFleet Management Systems
(incl. Lease Details)

Set Up all 
Scheduled Events & Customer Details iFleet Connect+ Customer Portal available

Monitor ODO readings

Manage Scheduled Events (time &/or mileage)
Servicing / Inspections

Manage Defect Reports
Assess Urgency & Book
Monitor Repairs & Minimise Downtime

Monitor Vehicle Health
Rate CANbus Fault Codes
Alert Customer Manage Defects

Authorise & Pay for Service, Maintenance & Repair work
Manage Customer Recharges

iFleet Vision

The Environment…

iFleet seeks to reduce the environmental impact of fleets in several ways:

  • Proactive Scheduled Event Management ensures vehicles are maintained to their optimum performance as recommended by the manufacturer.  This helps them to run more cleanly and efficiently, especially true for LCVs which are notorious for missed servicing etc.
  • iFleet’s Pence Per Mile charges for Service, Maintenance & Repair contracts encourages the operator to reduce vehicle usage wherever possible, as the saving in cost is immediate and Admin free.
  • iFleet’s Proactive Vehicle Healthcare ensures that potential vehicle faults (such as ‘clogged DPF filters’) are recognised and actioned quickly to improve emissions and reduce downtime.
  • Through increasing use of Connected Data, iFleet is committed to providing ever improving operational support for fleets moving towards EVs. 

Our Technology…

iFleet believes the key requirement for delivering exceptional vehicle management support has always been to continually improve the integration of both existing and new sources of vehicle data into its professional iFleet Management Systems (iFMS) to deliver the best proactive services & support to its customers.

To achieve this, iFleet has been developing its own proprietary software since 2017, all based around integrating information and data to provide proactive support services to the customer, and not simply making the information/data available to the customer for them to manage.

The Future…

Ever busier repairers make bookings and lead times more challenging.  Workshop and parts availability as well as the operational requirements of the businesses and their drivers mean that simply providing information to busy fleets isn’t the same as ‘managing the fleet’ as part of the Fleet Manager’s resource.

As the world moves towards EV’s and ‘alternative fueled’ vehicles, the data the vehicle can provide will continue to develop and become more sophisticated.  iFleet will continue to explore and understand this data and encompass it into the Support Services we provide, because there will always be the need to monitor the vehicle and ensure actions are taken promptly and efficiently.