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Pay As You Drive

iFleet has always been focused on providing the Customer with the maximum ability to manage/reduce the cost of running their vehicles, whilst at the same time reducing administration.

As a result, iFleet offers its Service, Maintenance & Repair contracts on a pre-agreed Pence Per Mile basis rather than the traditional ‘fixed term & mileage’ contracts. By utilising telematic generated odometer reading, iFleet only charge for the miles covered in a particular month, meaning the less you drive, the less you pay… without any administration required.

Please note that, depending on the vehicle (e.g. HCVs) or any additional items covered (e.g. Ancillary Equipment), there may need to be a ‘fixed’ element to the monthly payment as well.

In addition, iFleet is currently working on expanding this concept into the vehicle finance and insurance arenas, taking the Pay As You Drive concept to a position where the Customer pays the minimum amount possible on a fixed monthly basis, with all other charges being related to the miles driven.

Find out more about Pay As You Drive

If you would like more information about our Pay As You Drive services, please complete the enquiry form and one of our account managers will call you back or call to speak to an account manager.