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Proactive Vehicle Healthcare

iFleet utilises CANbus generated Fault Code alerts to provide the customer with Proactive Vehicle Healthcare. iFleet’s PVHC systems extracts Fault Code alerts (where available) on an ‘as live’ basis, with each specific Fault Code having a rating regarding the urgency of support required.

Each ‘rating’ has specific workflow actions attached to them, varying from urgent customer contact for Rating 1 through to an email notification ‘for information only’ for Rating 4.

Proactive Vehicle Healthcare is designed to monitor the health of the vehicle in question, and to deliver the relevant support to the Customer/Driver when a Fault Code is triggered, by assisting in making any bookings required and monitoring/managing repairs through to completion.

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If you would like more information about our Proactive Vehicle Healthcare services, please complete the enquiry form and one of our account managers will call you back or call to speak to an account manager.